Jaree Dewart

About Dreamer's Tower

Hi my name is Jâree Dewart 😁 and I am a Intuitive Soul Artist. So what does that mean????

Well I have devoted my entire life to my love of art and I have found a way to use both my imagination and intuition to create depictions of worlds both seen and unseen 🤩. So why Dreamer’s Tower? That’s easy, I love fantasy and magic as you can see above 👆, and I not only work but also actively play in my Tower.

This is  where I,  like a wizard, do my magic of imagining my visions into reality. This is my sacred creation space 😇.
So, if you are looking to not only have your one of a kind magical art made by me, or if you want to learn mastery of your talents, then I am that Imagineer you are seeking.

Enter in and allow this ‘wizard’ to take you on a journey of discovering your magic.


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