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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
Soul Art from 2005 - 2008. Soul Art from 2009 -2014. Soul Art from 2015 -Today.
Valhemundra & Zeraco

The client received this as her 40th birthday present as she needed to encounter more of her fire aspect. This painting carries many references to the pain and violence of that life and the journey involved her coming to terms with a dark aspect within her as well. Zeraco was a warrior who chose to come as a lion to offer her the chance to grow. The transformation has enabled her to stand firm and to believe that she has value, as she learnt in that lifetime, that the human existence in all its expressions is truly to be appreciated. - completed in January 2009


Shamanic Phoenix Birth

This sketch is in preperation for a birthday card for the shaman in my life, and for her love of all things Native American and Shamanic combined with her passion for Phoenixes. - completed in July 2009 The Shaman pulls the new born Phoenix out of the void and embraces the change that it will inevitably bring into her life. - completed in August 2009

A diversity of expression is depicted in these paintings above, from a fun playful side, to a challenge for a soul through to a comic type representation of a shamanic phoenix. The latter being the only one that was digitally painted, hence the sketch.


Soulful Connector
Effervescent Light

It was very difficult to paint my own soul as I struggled against my patterns and controls and had to learn to listen to the painting to see what needed to be depicted. In the end, I realised that I was calling for my warrior aspect to be seen as a victor riding on the asteroid accompanied by my fun friend as this would show me that life isn’t just battles, but wonderful moments of power, laughter and joy too. - completed in December 2009  


I had fun bringing my sister out as this powerful Elfin being who is balanced and way taller than she really is in this life. When I did it, I wanted her to recognise her beauty, power and strength and for her to learn to balance her emotions. Strangely it was an almost totally water scene, although it is way more ethereal. It was interesting to see how many animals spirits like dolphins, whales and tortoises started appearing in the background and this painting still  reminds her of staying in the flow. - completed April 2010


The Oracle

I drew the all seeing eye to show the power of the Oracle and her ability to guide your choices and decisions, whilst balancing that with her softness and comforting appeal. - completed in November 2010 One of the great things that I get to do, is to make all things graphical for my mom, Jne and this is the backdrop for the oracle cards that she is intuiting. I will draw all the pictures for her as well, so watch this space guys. - completed March 2011


Training Ground

An intuitive painting done pre birth, for a new born baby girl to show her the guides that journeyed with her as she entered the womb and then also beyond that, into the physical world. These higher beings are also there to show her how to live a fulfilled life. Projecting into a time when she is older and also maintaining the colours and energy conducive to an infant. This painting soon became a best loved friend of Ella. - completed in July 2011


An Illuminated Life

This painting was created to depict the spiritual aspect of this man, his current physical life as a teacher and meditation guide and also to show his future of calm and rest. Source wanted to show h					im in his power with this ascendants and also how he impacts the lives of those coming to him for healing. It is vital to also remember that we are all entitled to peace and this is very evident in this transcendent painting of a multitude of energies - completed in September 2011


Spirit Wind

I never thought I would use oil as it seemed to take so long to dry, but was I ever mistaken. Wow, I loved doing this drum and the eagle, Spirit Wind was willing to work well with me on my moms shamanic drum that she uses for healing as she chants. - completed in December 2011


Kitty's Joy

This was probably my most jolly Soul painting I have had to do. The energy was all about the message of taking life easy as the owner is in a time of her life when everything is coming in and she is allowed to see that life can be lived at the pace of a tortoise with many moments of celebration. Absorb all life's beauty and spirituality. - completed in January 2013


Elemental Wolves

The following set of Spiritual paintings below, are a wonderful depiction of the four elements (Air, Earth, Fire & Water) in completeharmony with these Wolves. And I’m very proud to say that they are all done in Oil and were an absolute joy to paint. Originally these commissioned artworks were requested of me, to replace four other elemental paintings (done by another artist). But now I know that these very special wolves are watching over her and reminding her of the magick of this world.

She is a lovely example of how soft and cheeky air can be, as she goes about creating her world of excitement and fluffiness whilst flying high in the sky. - completed in June 2013 This big guy is all about having dominion over his realm filled with abundance, but at the same time showing no fear of the unknown surrounding him (symbolised by the cave behind him). - completed in June 2013
Now I love this guy for his spunk and the fire in his eyes as the explosive energy around him doesn’t faze him in the slightest, in fact I know that he is the one creating the storm and loving it. - completed in June 2013 She has such a lovely touch of mystery and magick about her, especially with the moon’s light resting on her back and the water flowing gently around her feet. The painting almost feels like a snapshot of a dream that now won’t be forgotten. - completed in June 2013


Abstract Gateway

Abstract Gateway- completed in November 2013
This awesome painting is a wonderful collaboration between my Mom and I. My mom is my friend as well as my mentor and she has this insane gift of connecting and seeing things, which she then translates to me, so that I can create it for her. Haha. I loved the journey of doing an abstract with her and seeing how our two unique styles collide in this wonderful art piece. The next one is a collaboration with all 3 of us and I will keep you posted on this. In the meantime, if you want to know about my mom's mentoring or wonderful gift of healing, go check out her website . She has inspired and motivated me to become the Artist that I am today.


Alexis's Rest

This wonderful Dragon and her children surround themselves around this Celtic warrior King, with love and protection as they are all bonded to each other for eternity. Thanks to his father’s love towards the Mother Dragon when she was only a hatchling. Know all rest in the knowing that all is well, and for ever will be. - completed in November 2013
The Dragon painting was done in oil and I now know that this is now the beginning of me doing way WAY more dragons in the future. Especially because I believe they are all amazing spirit beings of great importance.


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