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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
Soul Art from 2005 - 2008. Soul Art from 2009 -2014. Soul Art from 2015 -Today.
Young Adventurers Archetypes

The Badger is an archetype for young people showing them their strength and unique intellect.- completed in December 2005 The Mystical Cat is an archetype for young people showing curiosity and agility as key personality traits to develop. - completed in December 2005 The Dolphin is an archetype for young people showing that tenderness and sensitivity are good traits to have and master. - completed in December 2005

The Panther is an archetype for young people showing the power of stealth and the ability to watch and not get involved. - completed in December 2005

All of the above pictures are four a series of Young Adventures Archetype Cards.


Dancing Feather

This was the first past life artwork I ever did and I had loads of fun bringing this aspect of my own past life into this world. Running White Bull started as Blood Hawk and it was only under the guidance of Dancing Feather that he was able to calm his inner turmoil. In becoming her bodyguard he could bring his warrior out fully. - completed in August 2006I had loads of fun sketching this peaceful wizard called Maranyn as it is both rewarding and challenging to capture an older face. The difficulty comes in the character lines aka wrinkles. This wizard is powerful and yet chilled out as he doesn’t care for appearance. - completed in August 2006 I initially struggled to capture this awe inspiring Native American medicine woman, as I was fixated on the warrior moments of her life. It was only when my mom, Jânée reminded me of the calm of her life as Dancing Feather, that I found her image coming alive in me. - completed in August 2006The final part of this past life trio painting was the love of Dancing Feather's life, namely Standing Bear; an amazing Native American man who was both strong and loving. - completed in August 2006

The first sketch above is of Running White Bull, which is a representation of my past life where I was under the guidance of Dancing Feather. Then the series of three sketches alongside it depict the diversity of a particular soul being. Here we see the Wizard; Maranyn, the Shaman; Dancing Feather and this soul beings love, Standing Bear, her soul mate. These sketches where then digitally painted on the computer once they were scanned in and made into one art piece as seen below left.

I loved creating this painting showing some of the aspects seen in my mom today. She is a medicine woman, teacher and caring woman and I was able to capture some of her and to bring it to the fore for others to see and appreciate too. - completed in August 2006



This is a sketch showing the weapon of this Viking as he lived with honour battling for the safety of his family. It was created to inspire the client to recall his immutable energy and to stand firm in the knowledge of his unconquerable spirit. - completed in December 2006  



This alchemist stands suspended in timelessness yet taking the lava and using it to create the world of his choice. Alchemy in action and Jne had to face up to her strength as a soul alchemist even though this was a challenging journey for her at that time. - completed in July 2007  An ancient being who traversed time stands majestically above the waves on the rocks surveying the world around him. The client, a woman in this life, was faced with finding the power to speak with conviction and this painting reminded her of this immense knowledge base and so restored her courage and acceptance of herself in this life. - completed in May 2007


Stuart & Alkazar

Here we see Alkazar the mighty wizard receiving inspiration from Metanon an ascendant being. The purpose of this top of a duo set, was to remind the man depicted in the bottom part, that he has power beyond measure.This bottom of the duo shows a man who loves nature and when he creates from his soul, he makes incredible things appear. I loved recreating his world for him and the waterfall from the beard down to the labyrinth links the life force.This finished product shows him in his truth, all connected and flowing with the energy of spirit. - completed in October 2008

Above you can see examples of my digital, pencil, pastel and acrylic spiritual art.



Here the client finds that he is to learn that life is more than schedules as his career is a mind-based environment that literally swallows all of him. The dragon, Ferrildyn came through to teach him that he can rest safely in this space of the divine and that as he remembers that his life is more than work, he will find true fulfilment. His inner nature is that of a loving laughing joyous Buddha. - completed in Decmeber 2008

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