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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
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Card & Logo Designs

One of the first logos I ever created was for my mom’s business, Triple D Marketing. She wanted to incorporate the energy of the three of us (hence the Triple D) and that meant I needed to show myself, my sister and my mom in a creative way. I am the warrior face on the left, my mom is the shamanic feather and Mijaelle is the flute.

A shamanic expression of our three energies.  
  A lighthearted view of life
I loved my time as the graphic designer for the online magazine. Les Jeunes my family and I created and published during 2003 to 2005. It was a fun no holds barred experience for young adults, hence the joker logo.>
The dramatic effect is felt in this silhouettte version of my logo. Awesome!

Tauron’s Legend was a logo that I created for the painting of miniatures business that I intended to start. Unfortunately, the time investment doesn’t make this a profitable endeavour, though painting models is still something I love doing for myself..

I love the completed version as the colours bring such a different look to the logo. I look forward to seeing where this will be used one day as I love seeing the dragon within a crystal egg.

The muse sketch shows the magic that comes through Mijaelle when she makes music. The colours and symmetry of this business card are so in keeping with my sister’s nutty self and she totally loves the whole creation.

My sister is a musician and she has a freaky cat that screams for attention, so when she wanted a business card, I thought hey, make her cat a muse, why not? So Musical Muse Development came about and that freaky cat is still screaming today.

The sketch that led to the character coming alive on the card. - completed 2015. My sister's new and improved business card, showing her website and you tube channel as well the heightened muse design. - completed 2015.

The sketch holds so much power and I love looking at it in this form too. Here the completed business card brings many energies and elements through to showcase his connection with the East. I wanted to make the entrance to his site appear to be a doorway that led to magical arenas and so I drew this temple to show the influence of light and colour as dimensional factors.

Soul Lightforce was a fun project to do for a friend who wanted to stand out of the crowd of healers, so of course I jumped at the challenge.

Mascot Ambush, this card says it all as we encourage others to “mug” their colleagues and family with love. I love the old papyrus look and so I incorporated many of my art pieces as a background when I made my personal business card. My mom connects with higher energies and so it is fitting that her card shows universal energy surrounding the golden phoenix.

These business cards belong to us, the three Dewart’s, and I am so proud that they so aptly represent of all of us.

And now for the updated look.

My mom's new card design, depicting her intention to walk on the beach and to show others how to achieve this too. A quote from my mom on the back of her card.

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