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Soul Art by Jaree Dewart.
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There is nothing that we can say about this other than that it is great to be able to share in the  imagination of a child and in so doing bring out a particular aspect or dream of theirs by making them short and squishey. Let’s just face it, it’s adorable enough to squeeze dem cheeks right off


This is a cute fairy I made quickly to show that I can paint dainty things for little girls too. I really loved robots whilst growing up and this was way too easy for me to draw and paint digitally.

When I started drawing chubbie kiddies I had to find inspiration and so I went looking through our photo albums and dug up this pic of my once little sister, Mijaelle. After the transformation, Mijaelle the singer and princess is revealed. If I took her pic, I had to use mine too, at least I am strong and powerful ha ha. Here the knight stands strong with hi cheesy grin, hmm me in chubbie form too.

I created the sun character and had him hold the ladder which supports the child as he grows and learns at school. I wanted to depict the journey of hope and light heartedness that I think schooling should embody.
I was asked to create a website for Sandton Montessori Pre-School carrying all the symbols of the philosophy, without losing the heart of the owners and the cuteness of the children..

A photo taken of a client's daughter showing her relaxing at home, note the holding of my pamphlet too.   This little girl is so strong willed and she loves sweets and playing outdoors under her huge oak tree. I added a basset as we have them at home.

Quite some time ago I had fun sketching some Anime characters and thought I would colour in this cutie, Innocence is grand isn't it? - completed January 2013



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